donderdag 17 mei 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed: Wet'n wild - Speak when spoken to

Hi everyone :)

I purchased this polish thanks to a blogsale from Jessica Heasley, thanks!

This polish is part of the coloricon 'Bejeweled' collection from wet n wild, generally seen as the dupes for the ChG prismatic collection.

Polish looks gorgeous, went on really easily and covered in three layers. Dried rather fast. The main difference with the prismatic polishes is (in my opinion) that this one is way more duochromy and less glittery, but still looks gorgeous. I personally prefer the ChG ones, mainly because I prefer glitter to duochrome...

And now some pictures that DON'T DO JUSTICE AT ALL to the polish! The pictures are washed out, I think. Because the polish has a cool blue and a purple duochrome effect... Really nice :)

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