donderdag 26 januari 2012

Quicklaaay reviewed : Essence - Chirp, chirp! (NatVentUrista LE)

Hi everyone :)

I've already used this one for my pink half moons, and here's a proper swatch of the nudybeige colour :)

In the bottle the colour was extremely interesting ... The light beige has a fuchsia shimmer and when you hold the bottle in a different angle you see blue and green shimmer !
Too bad it's not noticeable when you got the colour on your nails...You can still see a bit of the fuchsia shimmer (couldn't get it on photo D: ) but the blue and the purple was gone!

The polish went on very easily, but something really strange happenned during drying. On some nails , bubbles were coming through... And I have no idea what caused it...

Little bit disappointing but it was worth the 50 cents I payed for it.

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