vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

Quicklaaay reviewed: Wear my sunglasses at night - Catrice

Hallo everyone :)

I guess you saw my halfmoons two days ago, the base was catrice's wear my sunglasses at night.
It's a lovely and rich black with loads of glitters that look AMAZING in the sun !

I know there's a lot of tipwear and chipping, but let's ignore it. Anyways, the formula is okay, not too thick not too thin. Too bad the polish dries rather slowly (that's why it's completely opaque, I did it last minute ; not a good idea -) I personally love this colour because of the tons of pinkred, green and a bit of golden glitter that are put in the polish! I bought this one together with dirty berry with the duodeals ( 2 for € 4,00 ) and I'm glad I did :D

Good job catrice!  :)

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